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Nightscape Tour

  • Departure ▶
  • ① Gwangan Bridge(Diamond Bridge) ▶
  • ② Choryang Sanbokdoro Mountain Road ▶

  • ③ Haeundae Marine City ▶
  • ④ Dalmajigil Road ▶
  • ⑤ APEC Naru Park
  • ▶ Arrival
  • ▶Gwangan Bridge(Diamond Bridge)
  • ▶ Choryang Sanbokdoro Mountain Road
  • ▶ Haeundae Marine City
  • ▶ Dalmajigil Road
  • ▶ APEC Naru Park
  • Nightscape of Gwangan Bridge

    Gwangan Bridge is a landmark of Busan. Here is a famous nightscape spot that shows the beauty of the night time is more beautiful. the breakwater near the Millak Hoe (Raw Fish) Center at the end of the coastline road is a great place to admire the spectacular nightscape of the wide ocean and sparkling bridge.

  • Nightscape of Choryang Sanbokdoro Mountain Road

    You have seen the sparkling blue sea in the daytime sun, and now it is time to see the glittering sea of light in the darkness of the night. Especially, Sanbokdoro Mountain Road in Busan is a place where day and night scenery is quite different. The lights from homes and apartments illuminate the darkness from the mountains. The nightscape of Busan Harbor Bridge and Namhang Bridge is also remarkable.

  • Nightscape of Haeundae Marine City

    It is called 'Hong Kong in Korea' because the high-rise buildings along the coastline, various shops and a floating cruise ship are reminiscent of Hong Kong. The skyline, made up of colorful lights gathered in the sky and the sea, shines more brilliantly.

  • Nightscape of Dalmajigil Road

    Moontan is an another name for this place. This means the opposite of tanning by the sun, and the direct meaning of the word is to walk through the path and enjoy the tanning by the moon. At the view point in the middle of the road, you can see the beautiful nightscape of Haeundae, Gwangan Bridge and Marine City.

  • Nightscape of APEC Naru Park

    APEC Naru Park which has been built on the riverside of Suyeong River harmoniously and has an excellent landscape was built to commemorate the 2005 APEC event in Busan. The park is located along the calm riverside and is loved by evening walks and dating courses. At night, the sculptures that are installed everywhere in the park harmonize with the street lamps and the lightings at night, and the atmosphere is very smooth.

Shopping Tour

  • Departure ▶
  • ① Busan Premium Outlet ▶
  • ② Lotte Mall Busan ▶
  • ③ Shinsegae Department Centum City and Lotte Department Centum City
  • ▶ Arrival
  • ▶ Busan Premium Outlet
  • ▶ Lotte Mall Busan
  • ▶ Shinsegae Department Centum City and Lotte Department Centum City
  • Busan Premium Outlet

    1133, Jeonggwan-ro, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea / Tel No. : 1644-4001

    There are 180 shops of international famous brands such as ARMANI and MARC JACOBS, as well as domestic representative brands such as KUHO, OBZEE, Etc. It is an outlet mall that sells carried over merchandises, but the feeling is like a premium shopping mall selling high quality merchandise. The mall opens at 8 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on weekends and holidays.

  • Lottet Mall East Busan Branch

    64, Dangsa-ri, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, Republic of Korea / Tel No. : 051-901-2500

    This is a complex mall with outlet, Lotte Mart, Lotte Cinema, and Hi Mart. where you can enjoy shopping and culture in one place. Lotte Mall East Busan Branch is similar to the romantic feeling of Santorini Island, so it makes you feel like you have visited overseas outlets. In addition, the interior of the Greek feeling such as Fountain Square, the Lighthouse Observatory and the Rose Garden make you feel different romance.

  • Shinsegae Department Centum City and Lotte Department Centum City

    1524, Woodong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

    Shinsegae Department Centum City is listed as the 'Largest Department in the World' in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006. Lotte Department Centum City is the first shopping center in Centum City. In addition to shopping centers there are various facilities such as Spa Land, Ice Rink, Sky Park, CGV and Lotte Cinema.

Night Market Tour

  • Departure ▶
  • ① Bupyeong Ggangtong Night Market ▶
  • ② Choryang Ibagu Night Market ▶

  • ③ Suyeong Paldo (Eight State in Korea) Night Market
  • ▶ Arrival
  • ▶ Bupyeong Ggangtong Night Market
  • ▶ Choryang Ibagu Night Market
  • ▶ Suyeong Paldo (Eight State in Korea) Night Market
  • Bupyeong Ggangtong Night Market

    This place has been in existence since the Chosun Dynasty and is famous for its typical traditional market as it has a long history. In the market, unusual foods that remind us of night markets in Southeast Asia are sold. There are also various festivals such as Halloween Party and Christmas Ggangtong Party, which make your trip more enjoyable and exciting.

  • Choryang Ibagu Night Market

    During the day, it is a traditional market, but at night the 'young businessmen' will provide a variety of attractions for local residents as well as tourists. The menus are also prepared with a variety of foods made with the younger sense of taste to match the fresh concept. In addition to this, in the winter when many people gather, a light festival is held to illuminate the dark night of this area.

  • Suyeong Paldo (Eight State in Korea) Night Market

    This is a place for people who cannot be satisfied with local food in Busan. Here, international food is sold at a low price with the slogan of 'Meeting the Taste of the World and the Market of Paldo(Eight State in Korea)'. It is full with a variety of foods from other countries like Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy and so on where you want to eat even if you name it.